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location_onKyiv, Ukraine
groupsEngineering, Game Design, Production, Programming

If you are not easily scared by ambitious goals, creative risks and ready to pour your heart and soul into making the next big hit — we are eager to meet you!

You have:

  • Strong C++ knowledge (2+ years of professional C++ experience required)
  • Strong 3D mathematics knowledge
  • Familiarity with Design patterns and SOLID principles
  • Good understanding of:
  • Network programming:
    – Multithreading
    – OS internals (process/thread/memory management)
    – how CPU/GPU works

You might also have:

We treat it as a bonus experience with:

  • AAA game engines (e.g Unreal, Unity, CryEngine)
  • version control systems
  • bug tracking systems
  • UML diagrams

We have:

  • Super talented and experienced gamedev experts in the field;
    Competitive salary;
  • Social package, including gym membership compensation, medical insurance;
  • Paid vacation and sick leaves;
  • Annual training budget with an opportunity to visit paid conferences, training sessions, workshops etc.;
  • Corporate English classes;
  • Referral program;
  • Corporate celebrations, team buildings, and fun activities;
  • Lunch compensation.


  • Development of core game features (e.g. movement, shooting, etc)
  • Code support for different departments of the company (e.g. Frontend, Audio, Level Designers, etc)
  • Gameplay entities development (e.g. kill zones, rockets, bombs)
  • AI behaviors (e.g. PvE archetypes)
  • AI-related features development (e.g. AI-specific weapons)
  • Write feature related technical documentation

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